Why is email so popular for retention marketing?

Email is still the holy grail of marketing. It’s a way to connect with customers one-on-one and still has the highest ROI amongst all other advertising channels. Here are the 7 main reasons:

  1. It’s Cheap. There are no marketing associated with email. You don’t have to pay for banners, posts, impressions, viewing time, etc. The overhead costs for sending thousands and millions of emails are still much lower than what you’d have to pay to reach that many people through other channels.
  2. Permission Granted. Your fans or customers asked you to receive these emails. These consumers are already interested in what you have to say and that means a much higher conversion rate.
  3. Precision. Your email list is only people who are interested. You could go through your list and target only people who meet certain criteria, or are eligible for certain promotions. For example, if you have a sale on a certain brand X or type of products Y, you can make sure only those customers who’ve already revealed their preference for X or Y receive an email.Figuring out what customers want is in the realm of predictive analytics. Take a look at how companies are understanding their customers @AgilOne
  4. Easily customizable. If you’ve already segmented customers in your list, you’ll know exactly who wants what. It’s extremely easy to create customized emails for different segments. In those emails you could easily add products they might like. Or offers they might want. At AgilOne we help brands figure out the types of offers or products a customer is most likely to respond to @AgilOne . With that information email can be customized for maximum conversion.
  5. Calls to Action. You know what customers want. You know what kind of offer they are going to respond to. You put all that in your email, and it’s now irresistible. You can put a link to checkout right there in the email so that customers can go from seeing your product to buying it within a matters of a few clicks.
  6. Easily trackable. You can track if customers opened your emails, if they read it, if they forwarded it, click through rates and conversion rates. Platforms exist to help you track email in real-time and using that you information you can even immediately optimize them.
  7. Easy to Share. Brilliant deals. Brilliant offers. Subscribers can immediately forward the email to friends and family. And because it’s an email it’s less likely to get lost in the deluge of shares and content on the friends’ feeds, wall, boards, etc.

All these reasons drive the higher ROI of email.

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