Here's what I've done so far

Al Haramain Perfumes 

Head of Digital

Dubai, UAE

+ Created the company brand guidelines (Mission, Identity, Logo Refresh, Tone of Voice, Colours, Typography, Photography, Layout and Grids) that helped us differentiate from other brands in a crowded market.+ Recruited 2 Developers, 2 Graphic Designers, 1 Copywriter and 1 Marketing intern to design new website, branding guidelines and social media strategy.+ Managed the new team to guide them in creating 100+ pages in 90 days.+ Designed and created compelling SEO content to boost site rankings by 5 pages to the first page.+ Using web analytics tracked customer interest to drive the development of 3 new products.+ Coordinated with Polsinelli Law Firm to file 6 USPTO applications for trademark protection of brand.+ Work closely with partners to secure trademark protection in over 40 other countries.

Cornell University 🐻