Exploring New Market Verticals for Stanza


Stanza is a smart calendar used by publishers to share dates & times of upcoming events. Users can then sync content to their personal calendars and always stay up to date, or browse upcoming events via an interactive timeline. Stanza’s most successful markets have been sports and entertainment verticals. 

I looked at reasons for Stanza’s success in their current verticals and used those to suggest new verticals.

Why is Stanza so successful in their current verticals

Before finding another vertical that could be successful for Stanza, I evaluated why the current verticals are so successful:

  1. Market Size. The market size for these verticals is huge and active. I used SEMRush.com to evaluate the traffic to those sites.
  2. Evergreen Potential. Users in these verticals are also active throughout the year (SemRush.com shows consistent traffic to publishers’ sites throughout the year) and they’re seeing the calendars.
  3. UpSell Potential. Events from these publishers have a lot of upselling potential for complimentary services and goods. For example, users following the 49ers can be shown ads to purchase event tickets or transportation to games.
  4. Need. The publishers’ calendar experience is usually cumbersome, unintuitive and difficult to track.

I used the 4 main criteria above to determine what a potentially good market could be.

Finding Other Verticals

I used events listing sites to figure out the most popular types of events outside of sports and entertainment. I browsed through MeetUp, EventBrite, and event calendars from major cities to identify the third most popular type of event. Exhibitions (this includes conferences, trade shows, and professional summits) were the next most popular type of events. And this niche fills all the criteria required for success:

  1. Market Size. The exhibition industry is growing.  More people are attending. Organizers are spending more.
  2. Evergreen Potential. I found that websites for exhibitions maintain the amount of traffic they get throughout the year. Also, many organizers hold multiple exhibitions throughout the years.
  3. UpSell Potential. The advertising potential for exhibitions is significantly greater than any other vertical. Attending exhibitions requires greater time and spending commitments. Services like hotel stays, flights, entertainment, dining, and exhibitors’ promotions could be added to the ad library.
  4. Need. The calendar experience for major exhibitions is downright annoying. It’s usually just an HTML table with no way to keep track of, follow or add events to calendars.

Tapping into verticals above could particularly increase the number of views of the StanzaCal.

StanzaCal is doing a great job penetrating the sports and entertainment market. I just wanted to see if I could find a few more verticals that could really use Stanza.

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