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Touch of Modern Branding Study

MarketingPresentation-MushfiqRahman from M. Mushfiq Rahman Touch of Modern has a very clean, and visually appealing branding. I love the company, I love Touch of Modern’s ads (especially, the Facebook sponsored as) and I love marketing. I was just thinking about ways I could make their content branding more relevant to their overall branding.

The Challenges of Mobile Publishing and How to Solve It

In their Digital Video Consumer Study, IAB found that people are spending more time online and mostly on mobile according to eMarketer. However, time spent viewing content from online publishers, blogs, and online newspapers hasn’t grown. So why isn’t the increase in time spent online on mobile reflected in viewership for online publishers, blogs, and online newspapers? […]

Build Customer Happiness Through Retention Marketing and Predictive Analytics

  You may  know it as Loyalty Marketing, Lifecycle Marketing or Customer Success Marketing, but it all boils down to – keeping customers happy and engaged so they keep coming back. It’s especially important if you’re in an industry where consumers make purchases frequently. Trying to retain customers is not a new concept. The reason why customers stay loyal […]

3 Ways To Reactivate Lapsed Customers

You’ve heard it before: acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining current customers. That’s an age old marketing adage. The costs associated with acquiring a new customer includes raising brand awareness, high incentives to lure them away from other brands and additional costs associated with setting up new accounts, training more sales reps, and […]