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3 Ways To Reactivate Lapsed Customers

You’ve heard it before: acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining current customers. That’s an age old marketing adage. The costs associated with acquiring a new customer includes raising brand awareness, high incentives to lure them away from other brands and additional costs associated with setting up new accounts, training more sales reps, and […]

3 Wrong Ways to Segment Your Customers

Clustering is a means of using algorithms to find and create customer segments by looking through hundreds of customer dimensions and millions of data points to find meaningful relationships with buying behavior. Clusters are mathematically derived and more effective than segmentation for creating groups of similar customers and describing the group’s behaviors. However, some marketers still […]

Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button Is Not Affecting Your Churn Rate

Gmail recently introduced an “Unsubscribe” button to the top of their emails, making opting out of email lists a one-click process.  Adweek suggested that the unsubscribe button would spell the death knell for email marketing. They couldn’t be more wrong. Why your list is really unsubscribing. If people are unsubscribing it’s because they don’t want to […]

How Brands are Collecting Data without Losing Customer Trust

Customer data collection is becoming more and more sophisticated and comprehensive. With the current set of tools available marketers can not only see who visited their website, for how long, where their mouse hovered, but also integrate all that information with data from brick-and-mortar, call centers, mobile, social media profiles and publicly available demographic information […]