The Cornell Experience

DSC_0004Cornell University is one of the most challenging ivy league schools out there; so, if you are studying here prepare yourself for a transformative experience. The Cornell Experience is a teetering balance of rigorous academics, carefree pursuit of knowledge, the search for ideal downtime, and like nothing you’ve ever weathered.


Years of over-achieving in high school does little to prepare you for the academics here. You might be used to messing up the curve in high school, without breaking a sweat; so be prepared to shed sweat, tears, and blood to just reach the curve. Getting your ass kicked is humbling, formative life experience.

But only after falling from your perch do you notice how great the Cornell experience is. You learn things you wished to learn, and you learn about things that you never thought existed. Classes to teach any person, any study.  From Developmental Psychology to Exotic Scents to Magical Mushrooms. You meet brilliant people who are changing the world, and also inspire you to do the same. They mentor you to jettison fears, and follow your passion.

The reckless belief in yourself that you had coming in as a fresh(wo)man, is replaced with confidence in your ability to tackle anything. Anything is possible, as long as you work hard, accept mistakes and constantly learn.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Cornell was ablaze with the colors of fall when I first visited it. And it was dubiously nice when my family drove me up there. Two months later Cornell froze over, and remained like that till mid-April. Check out real-time views of Cornell University here, here, & here. Long winter with snowstorms, and feet-high snowfall will have you buying raincoats, winter-coats, spring jackets, close-toed shoes, serious shoes, and everything else to transform you into an epitome of East Coast fashion.

If warm, skin-hiding clothes are just too appropriate for your pursuit of happyness you’ll find skin-warming booze in the bars at college town or at some of the parties you are invited to, also in C-town or at one of Cornell University’s many fraternities and sororities.

If your idea of fun does not involve getting hammered there are always things to do on-campus: cultural events, concerts,  fashion shows, art shows, etc. If you’re into outdoorsy activities, you could wear yourself out at Ithaca’s terrain, gorges, parks, gardens,orchards,etc.


Cornell University has been one hell of an adventure.