Where I’ve Been

Traveling unleashes a wealth of new experiences on you that reshape who you are. The epiphanies, self-responsibility and independence are what makes traveling euphoric.

Traveling is living for yourself. Do whatever you want. Cannonball into a river, drive through a forest at midnight,  dine with people you’ve just met.

Travelling is doing what you want.  Doing what you want makes you the person you are. Travelling makes you.

When you are independent and self-aware, you naturally become self-reliant as well. Suddenly you realize you are ordering in Italian or navigating a city without paying attention to directions. You become part of a place. The place becomes a part of you.

I’ve been to quite a few cities and countries. I don’t have a favorite destination, but I had the most fun when I was living with writer types in Rome, and I find the most peace when I sit by the pond in the village where I was born.