I am as hungry as you are and will move alongside you.


I keep my workload organized and get work done without the need for constant supervision


I stick at it even when times are tough and always go that extra mile.

Team Spirit

I highly value and cherish teamwork and work exceptionally well in cross-functional roles.

Mushfiq single-handedly managed our blog and social media programs. He can write consistently with high quality. He is a great asset to any marketing team. He is thorough, analytical, intellectually curious, creative and smart. He is a quick study with a very positive attitude and high personal integrity. Mushfiq will be a great asset to any marketing team he decides to join in the future. I am looking forward to continuing to follow Mushfiq’s career. He is a super-talent.

Mushfiq has proven himself to be driven, hardworking and eager to learn. He came on to our team as an intern and worked later than most people in the office. He picked up on new skills very quickly and was always hungry to learn more. During his time at AgilOne he grew from being somewhat shy and hesitant into a confident team member who wasn’t afraid to take charge, debate and lead his own projects. He has produced some great work such as eBooks, countless blog posts, and managing our social media platforms. He has been a great help to me and an amazing member of the team. He knows how to remain level-headed and calm during moments of panic or when the team is feeling overwhelmed.

Mushfiq and I worked together at Al Haramain Perfumes, where he lead the development of our new website. He was instrumental in acquiring the creative resources we needed from different departments, setting expectations clearly with us and executives, maintaining those expectations, and coming up with creative ideas. He has a knack for thinking outside the box. Mushfiq is a talented, hard-working and has an eye for details, but one trait that is rare to find is that he is always willing to listen and a joy to work with.

Mushfiq is one of the hardest working and most personable individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. As an intern at AgilOne, he was a skilled content writer and quickly built up an expertise on the AgilOne product, as well as the industries the product was targeting. He expertly managed the blog, eBooks, and social media platforms. He is eager to take on new challenges and lead projects without hesitation. He was one of the most dependable members of the team and was always willing to lend me a hand if needed, even when it was outside his responsibilities. Mushfiq is a skilled professional and would be a valuable member of any team.